<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/14/72/81/04/19/160909071808.jpg?t=1547723624"><br>This home offers 3 spacious bedrooms &amp; a fully remodeled bathroom. A brand new kitchen has been installed that is accented with a bright white &amp; grey-laced granite countertop, matching the new soft close white cabinets. Newly sanded &amp; finished hardwood looks brand new &amp; compliments the original focal points of this home. No need to worry about on street parking this winter either, as we are well equipped with an oversized 2 car garage with power. Summer is winding down, but no need to worry for next year. Your central air unit will keep your home nice and chilly on those hot July days. No need to waste time, today is the day your search for the perfect home is over.<br>